Campaign Finance/Dark Money

Covered dark money in Washington, campaign finance, the 2018 midterm elections, the Federal Election Commission, lobbying and regulation of Facebook in the wake of Cambridge Analytica for Worked heavily with data and built graphics for each story:

Low transparency, low regulation online political ads skyrocket – 3.7.18 –

Democrats take a chance on Trump states – 2.22.18 –

As Paul Ryan rose through the House, his money rose with him – 4.12.2018 – (Featured by CSPAN)

Lobbying on immigration, border ticks up despite “shadow lobbying” – 2.8.18 – (Note: featured by POLITICO)

O’Rourke’s no-PAC campaign paying off against Cruz – 1.31.18 –

Whitefish spent $150K lobbying Congress after Puerto Rico disaster – 1.24.18 –

Trump’s top donors: Where are they now? – 1.18.18 –