I’m Megan Janetsky, an Arizona-based reporter and photographer with a passion for enterprise, political and immigration storytelling.


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My work has been featured by BBC World Service, C-SPAN, HuffPost, USA Today, ThinkProgress, POLITICO, TruthOut, Refinery29, OpenSecrets.org, Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting, The Arizona Republic, The Detroit Free Press and various outlets throughout the United States.

I spent the bulk of the past year in Washington D.C. Most recently, I investigated the Trump administration, the 2018 midterm elections and dark money for OpenSecrets.org as an investigative reporting intern. In April, my story on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s ties to the Koch Brothers was cited during his Senate confirmation hearing and printed in its entirety in the Congressional Record.


Reporting in the highlands of Querétaro, Mexico in March 2017. (Photo: Johanna Huckeba)

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated with a degree in journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2018. I’ve reported everywhere from the rural reaches of central Mexico to the basement of the U.S. Capitol building to a dimly lit parking lot somewhere around the intersection of Tennessee and Arkansas.

Most importantly, I love Gilmore Girls, travel writing and overpriced cheeses.

To see more of my work and experience, check out my resume page,  my recent work or my photo and video portfolioSay hello or tell me if my bio is poorly written — meganjanetsky@gmail.com or 602-334-9360.